Essay about Is Holland 's Self Directed Search

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For the purposes of this assignment we used Holland’s Self-Directed Search (SDS; Holland, 1994) to further our understanding of our skills and occupational dreams. After completing the assessment online, I was given the Summary Code of S-C-A which indicates that I would prefer a career that is Social, Conventional and Artistic. Because the Summary Codes are placed in order of relevance, I am not surprised that my first results was social. A social summary code indicates a strong preference for working with people and are often matched with helping careers, which is a good fit for me. I was a little surprised with my second Summary Code of conventional. Even though I do consider myself to be highly organized and detail oriented, I didn’t think that it would have such a high degree of emphasis in my career aspirations. Additionally, my final Summary Code of artistic was somewhat of a surprise but again I do have a creative side and I like to create things even if I’m not the best or most refined artist. When comparing the results of my SDS (Holland, 1994) with my self-described interests that were detailed using Bolles’ Flower Diagram (Bolles, 2014) you can definitely see some common threads between the two. Within my self-described interests, there was a high degree of emphasis on helping others and problem solving. I am particularly drawn towards a field where I can work with children and help them succeed in life and this coincides well with my social results on…

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