High School Is Better Than College

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Is high school really that much different than college? As many high school students and graduates are preparing for college, they tend to worry about the transition from high school to college. They often do research on the differences that they will face when they begin their next step in life. Many high school students ask their friends that attend college, or even do research online in regards on how to prepare for the next step in their education. As many students have come to realize, high school and college are different in various aspects. When most students make the transition from high school to college, they face changes in regards to their sports, education, and responsibilities. High school sports differ greatly from college …show more content…
High school students are not--------- Many teachers constantly remind students when homework is due, and they also provide extra credit. Late work is often accepted for partial credit as well. Most high school teachers also approach students who seem to need further help. These teachers do everything they can to make sure their students succeed. Commonly, tests consist of information covered directly in class. This makes tests fairly easy. Although some information is expected to be read outside of class, teachers still cover it to insure that all students understand. When high school students miss school, most teachers provide them with the work they missed. Many high school teachers constantly push their students to get their work done. During class lectures, many teachers write the important notes word for word on the board and pause to give students time to copy the notes down. After, they go into deep detail explaining each part of the lesson. School work in high school is easier than school work in …show more content…
Many college students live in a dorm room or on their own. They are beginning their life in the “real world”. The “real world” consists of many responsibilities. Most college students do not have an adult around them to tell them what to do and when to do it. The majority of them take care of themselves. It is the student’s responsibility to attend and arrive at class on time. There is no penalty for college students who miss class. College is not mandatory. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “65.9 percent of people who had graduated from high school the previous spring had enrolled in college” (qtd. in Norris). It is a student’s responsibility to make the choice of attending college or not. No one is forcing individuals to attend college. At this higher level of education, the students may choose their classes specifically for their majors. Many college students choose what they want to study. It is also the responsibility of the student to insure that he or she has completed enough credit hours to graduate. It is no one’s responsibility except the student’s. Most college students are faced with many more responsibilities than high school

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