Is Gun Control A Possible Solution Or Will It Cause Greater Damage?

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“10-71, I repeat 10-71,” those chilling, urgent words have become more frequent in recent time. So often, America has blamed the fire arms for these tragedies, but we forget that the gun is not the one that pulls the trigger. Whereas it is visible that guns have gotten in the wrong hands, is gun control a possible solution or will it cause greater damage?
As Americans, we all have the tragedy of 9-11 imprinted on our brains. No one wants to see this disastrous situation take place again. In recent studies, we have learned that one of the only reasons that it is very rare for the United States to have a terrorist attack on America soil is because over half of the households have firearms. This means that not only are the guns being taken away, but also our safety. That will open up new doors for terrorist, including ISIS, to freely come into our country while we have no protection.
“If they take away our guns, we will fight,” said southerner Todd Mayle when he was asked about his thought on the firearms being taken. “We won’t be silent. We will continue until they give us our guns back,” he carried on to say. Riots would take over the streets in uproar from the laws passing. Fights on every corner, leading to hundreds of citizens being shot by the police in fear of a being robbed for their guns by the angry, ranting ragers. After so many of these police shootings, it would defeat the purpose of the gun laws passing after the shooting- related deaths reached it’s peak. Soon,…

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