Essay about Is Grammar Rebels : Using The Hunger Games Trilogy

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Grammar can be a difficult concept to grasp for many. The English language itself is one of the most difficult languages to learn. There are so many rules as well as correct and incorrect ways to write. It is no shock that when teachers teach about grammar they do it in a way that isn 't fun. Simmons mentions that "many students when asked what their least favorite activity in language arts was, would respond with grammar instruction and practice"(pg. 387). She also says that "many teachers agree about this as well" (Simmons 387). In her article Responsible Grammar Rebels: Using the Hunger Games Trilogy to Teach the Intentional Sentence Fragment, Simmons uses the Hunger Games Trilogy by Collins to teach her students how sentence fragments can be used intentionally as a stylistic choice in a person 's writing.
Grammar, at least for me, has always been the part of English language arts that was always so difficult for me to learn. I remember being in my English language arts class and dreading the days when my teacher would tell us that we were going to be working on grammar. These types of days usually consisted of my teacher briefly going over what we were supposed to be correcting in the sentences that we were going to be working on at the end of the chapter. The lesson would consist of her briefly explaining the concept, then she would give a couple of examples. After this she would have us copy all the sentences, then correct them using the grammar concepts we had just…

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