Is Divorce Always The Answer Essay

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Is Divorce Always The Answer?
Commonly the causes of divorce are less and simpler than its consequences. According to (The American Institute Of Stress) Divorce is the second most stressful situation experience by Americans surpassed only by Death of Spouse. As humans to some extent we understand the fact that we are mortal and that someday, we want it or not, we will have to experience the death of a person we love, is part of life. However, divorce is a voluntary decision. Nobody is forced to divorce, as most marriages are formed with the intention to last a lifetime. How then comes the determination to break a home? We will analyze some causes and effects of this.
At the beginning of this year a study of more than 100 experienced counselors
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A contention is not a difference. Differences are normal. But when different points of view have been disrespect can cause issues in the couple, they become conflicts. Numerous distinctions in the couple originate from the fact that everyone brings their own experience of life and culture. Meaning that, each spouse often has a method for doing things and to see the world differently, as they learned in their families or environments where they grew up in. In the family each person learns how to solve problems and conflicts, according to how their parents did and those around them, and how to express anger or frustration in different …show more content…
As wonderful as your partner is, he will always commit errors. This is something we all know, but unfortunately sometimes we act as if others had no right to be wrong. Finally, Michel de Montaigne philosophers of the French Renaissance said the following words regarding marriage “A good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband.”. Take a vow in marriage, is like putting your fingerprint, it is a commitment forever in marriage there are not shortcuts to success we have to learn to not let small errors destroy what is built with so much

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