Is Cyberbullying A Real Concern With Harmful Effects That Must Be Addressed?

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There are many tools ED805 discussed that will increase my effectiveness as an educator and instructional leader. It is important for all educators to encounter differing ideas and to dialogue and debate philosophies. We grow when we become uncomfortable and when we are exposed to new ideas. The list below contains my top ten big ideas that will linger long after this course comes to a close. Perhaps others have readily accepted the ideas, but I am eager to transform my practices to address the following ideas and facts.

1. Cyberbullying is a real concern with harmful effects that must be addressed. Willard addresses the concerns of cyberbullying by calling for a systemic change. Educators must remain current on Internet technologies and activities. It truly takes a village to raise a child; therefore, colleagues can form a collective approach to tackle cyberbullying and put forth strong expectations for appropriate use. All students deserve to feel safe when they enter my classroom, and I must remain vigilant to protect them on all fronts.

2. With the implementation of Common Core efforts, it is a perfect time to redefine technology usage in the classroom. Ullman shares in Common Core Goes Global that teachers can do global collaborative projects that are connected to the Common Core curriculum. Global projects allow students to learn about themselves and others in the world. Instead of showing pictures of students from various places in the world, we have the…

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