Is College Worth A Higher Education? Essays

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The majority of high school graduates go to college to receive a higher education. This is a smart choice as college graduates on average make more money than those who do not go to college. For many people the answer to the question, “Which college are you going to?” is simple. Their parents went to this school or it is their favorite college team. While this decision is easy for some, many others may have a harder time choosing their alma mater. Two colleges in Iowa that are both high ranked with multiple successful undergraduate programs are The University of Iowa and the University of Northern Iowa. Both of these schools are comparable in their tuition, environment, and success. For many students, a good education at an affordable price is a commendable aspect for a college to have. At both colleges, the cost per year varies depending on whether the student is an Iowa resident or not. If one lives in the state of Iowa, the tuition tends to be cheaper than an out of state resident. For example, a student at The University of Iowa who does not live in the state typically pays twice as much as a resident instate. For residents in the state of Iowa, the expenses billed by the college for tuition, housing, etc. is estimated to be $17,832 per year. For other expenses, such as books, supplies, personal expenses, and transportation, the estimated amount per year is $3,178. The grand total for a full time student living on campus at Iowa is $21,010 per year. Students who live…

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