Community College Advantages

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Over the past hundred years, there has been a major evolution in the American life. No longer is obtaining a lifelong career, through years of education, confined to those only in certain areas lucky enough to afford it. Today, many people, in all areas of the country, are attending college and reaping its benefits. Naturally, the work industry has grown to accommodate for this, with many jobs requiring employees to have a college degree. Those who receive a higher education experience a myriad of benefits over those who only have a high school diploma. Benefits such as higher annual income, better job security, better job opportunities, as well as other personal benefits gained from the experience. In light of these benefits, college enrollment …show more content…
This is why community colleges serve a great purpose, especially to those in difficult financial or living situations. Community colleges offer several benefits for those willing to take their education into their own hands. One major benefit which community colleges provide is their much lower cost of tuition over universities. This is often the first thing student’s notice when searching for a school. Today, an increasing number of college graduates are entering the workforce with tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. New students, aware of the debt graduates are falling into, should be wary of growing cost of tuition. A school may have great programs and meet all the requirements a student looking for, but whether or it is reasonably affordable can completely alter one’s decision. This is where attending a community college becomes so attractive. In 2016 the annual cost of community college was only $3,400 while the annual cost of tuition for a 4-year school was $9,400 (National Look at Community Colleges). It is clear by tuition alone that community colleges offer a much cheaper path to an education. When taking into account the cost of living saved by attending community college, the difference is even bigger. This low cost can change everything, eliminating one more barrier separating students from an

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