Financial Benefits Of A College Education

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On average, an individual who graduates from college with a bachelor’s degree earns around $30,000 more per year than someone who only graduates from high school. As compared to generations of the past, those with only a high school degree today are less likely to obtain a high paying job (ProCon ). In recent years, the U.S. has transformed from an economy based on manufacturing to a knowledge-based economy. The importance of earning a college degree is becoming more and more important as more jobs are beginning to require a college degree (Emily Hanford). Statistics suggests that an individual who graduates from college earns significantly more money than someone who only graduates from high school. If the financial benefit of a college degree …show more content…
A college education has proven to have a very positive impact on an individual’s communication skills. Out of the all the benefits provided by going to college and earning a degree, this is one of the most valuable. The ability to communicate effectively influences almost every aspect of an individual 's life. Going to college often allows students to interact with individuals from different backgrounds. As they interact with people from other cultures, students can learn how to embrace diversity and remove stereotypes they may have previously had. Based on a study directed by Pew’s, two of three college graduates said that the social interactions brought on by a college education helped them grow and mature as a person (Wayne Baker). Many jobs today not only require a college degree but also require good social skills. “A good resume and a degree only get you to the table,” says the director of the Center for Professional Excellence at York College, Matthew Randall. “Professional behaviors are what gets you a job and what colleges are trying to do is help these students develop the behaviors the employers want.” (John Marcus) In conclusion, earning a college degree can provide students with better and more effective communication …show more content…
Studies show that college graduates are eight times less likely to depend on public assistance programs (ProCon). Research also suggests that those with a college level education are far more likely to donate or volunteer to organizations. Studies also argue that someone who is more educated is more likely to vote. College graduates between the ages 18 and 24 are around two and a half times more likely to vote compared to a high school graduate. Additionally, higher salaries for college graduates means more tax revenue for government agencies. This means that the government can also profit from people going to college and earning a degree. Someone who goes to college can also benefit their children and generations to come. In fact, investigations suggest that parents with a college degree are three times more likely to raise children who are better prepared for school. More prepared kids could ultimately help society out in the long run (Elizabeth Fuller). Through many studies, it can be seen that a college education not only benefits the graduate but also society as a

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