Is Breastfeeding Extremely Inconvenient? Essay

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The image of women who are breastfeeding their babies is so incredible that beautiful and lively paintings and pictures have been created from that source of inspiration. Unfortunately, that image has faded in women’s mind nowadays. In fact, only 15% of American women breast-feed their babies for a year, and that percentage is the lowest rate in the world (Springen 71). Why? Is breastfeeding extremely inconvenient? Is breast milk unhealthy nutrition for precious babies? Does breastfeeding badly affect the mothers? The answer is no - - despite some exceptions. If women examine carefully the breastfeeding issue, they will discover many benefits from breast milk; it contains much valuable nutrition for babies, and it is not only beneficial to babies but also to their mothers.
People may argue that breastfeeding has disadvantages as it can transmit a disease from mothers to their babies. Therefore, women who are HIV positive, or have hepatitis or herpes should not start breastfeeding before asking their physicians (Williams 19-24). Luckily, the percentage of women who have serious diseases or some problems and thus, cannot breastfeed their babies is approximately 1% or less of women (Lerner 14-22).
Many famous formula milk companies, for example, Nestles, Ross, and Gerbers, try to persuade women to buy their products by any methods they can think of. Their salesmen are in hospitals and dress like nurses, so they have been known as “milk nurses”; they teach patients…

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