Essay Is Art A Discourse Community Art?

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Constantly evolving, constantly transforming. A place where any outsider has to prove themselves before being welcomed with open arms, where fame or riches is not the predominant factor instead communication is the main concern. Art is such a dexterous community, with countless of people from different backgrounds, ideals or beliefs, as a result, it doesn’t belong to only one culture alone and it becomes a form of communication that can reach multiple people regardless of the language boundary that has separated men throughout time and time again. In a sense, I am Alice in the Art world, as a discourse community art has established a part of what I am today by influencing me in my early years, transitioning my life, integrating me into a whole and shaping my ideals of what the world is. Paints and brushes have always been a piece in the puzzle of what defines me as a person, however, it’s just a small piece of the whole picture. Art doesn’t define me, au contraire, I define it.
Excelling comes first, that’s what mother told me as we stopped at the Banegas studio in fourth grade where she signed me up for an art class. To be honest, it will be a fallacy to claim that I had an aptitude for art at a young age, instead I showed the typical mediocre work a kid could do with crayons. Unmentionable shapes, large hairs with unrefined strokes, absolutely no aesthetic was shown. Not until one day in first grade did my seven year old self realize I was doing everything wrong. There was…

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