Irene Gut Opdyk Courage

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Courage to Care Award Is it necessary to be the same race in order to help save someone’s life? Between January 30, 1933 and May 8, 1945 dictator Hitler took control of Germany. Also, he created the “Final Solution” which was a plan to exterminate all Jews by sending them to concentration camps and labor camps. He used propaganda techniques to convince German citizens that Jews were corrupted, cruel, and awful individuals. Over time, Hitler expanded his camps and territory by conquering other nations. During the Holocaust, a woman, Chinese, Salvadorian, and Mexican men saved Jewish lives in their own personal acts of heroism. Irene Gut Opdyke, Dr. Feng Shan Ho, Colonel Jose Arturo Castellanos Contreras, and Gilberto Bosques Saldivar are all candidates for the …show more content…
Irene was just a teenager when the Nazi attacked Poland, and she was separated from her family. Since the beginning of war Irene never had it easy; she was captured by the Russians and beaten and raped by them, she worked at a field hospital for wounded Russian soldiers. Then she was captured by the Germans and sent into slave labor, there she caught the attention of a German officer and was given the job of a housekeeper. Irene didn’t let her unfortunate past stop her from saving lives, on the contrary it gave her strength and courage. In a small villa she hid 12 Jews. Until one day the German officer came home early and found Jews in his home. Irene begged the officer to keep her secret. The officer agreed to keep her secret if she became his mistress. Not only did she hide them in her home but she found them a place to stay, and she actually went to a camp to save a friend’s husband. Also, while working at a hotel near a ghetto, Irene would put food in a box and leave it inside the ghetto. Even though, she didn’t save thousands of lives, she didn’t just sit down and sign papers. She actually took action and provided food, protection, and

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