In My Hands: A Holocaust Rescuer Book Summary

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The setting of the text In My Hands: A Holocaust Rescuer by Irene Gut Opdyke with Jennifer Armstrong changes constantly and many years pass. Overall, she was in the countries: Poland, the Soviet Union, Russia, and Germany. This book was spread out for most of Irene’s life before and during the war. To begin, as a child Irene lived in many different cities in Poland. The first town Irene lived in was a little town called Kozienice. Irene obtained fame in the village when she almost fell into the river but her dog Myszka saved her. Then she moved to Chelm to Radom and to Suchednów. Then, when her younger sister, Władzia, was born the Gut family moved to Częstochowa, which is northwest of Kraków. This town is when Irene develops the passion for helping people because Irene …show more content…
Still, Irene worked hard and kept her job. Then by next August, her and her sister Janina moved to Ternopol once again to continue working for Herr Schulz. Irene at this point of the story finds out what is happening to many of the Jews and begins to start to help them. This time in Ternopol, Irene's choices and actions were brave and courageous. She begins to think more about how she can help the Jews instead of thinking about her own safety. Then she moved in with Major Rügemer to become his aid. There she hid many Jews and she was safe because she worked for the Major. She even became the Major’s girlfriend to save the Jews. Then after many months, the Major forced Irene to go to Kielce where she ran away to Owocowa Street. There she fell instantly in love with Janek and started to work with the partisans. She was very happy there. Then misfortune came, a couple of days before the wedding Janek was killed and Irene’s happiness turned into depression. She did not want to lie and threw herself into work. In 1944 she left Kielce and went to Radom to Kraków to Katowice where she was once again arrested. Irene was scared and put to work. Irene then escaped and begun her search for Haller’s

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