Night By Elie Wiesel: Summary

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Night- Elie Wiesel Characters
Eliezer- Night traces Eliezer’s psychological journey, as the Holocaust robs him of his faith in God and exposes him to the deepest inhumanity of which man is capable. Despite many test of his humanity, however, Eliezer maintains his devotion to his father.
Shlomo- Even though he is the only character other than Eliezer who is present throughout the memoir, Eliezer’s father is named only once, at the end of Night. He and Eliezer desperately try to remain together throughout their concentration camp ordeal.
Moshe the Beadle- Eliezer’s teacher of Jewish mysticism, Moshe is a poor Jew who lives in Sighet. He is deported before the rest of the Sighet Jews but escapes and returns to tell the town what the Nazis are doing to the Jews. Tragically, the town takes Moshe for a lunatic.
Akiba Drumer- A Jewish Holocaust victim who gradually loses his faith in God as a result of his experiences in the concentration camp.
Madame Schachter- A Jewish woman from is deported in the same cattle car as Eliezer. Everyone think she is crazy when she screams that she sees fire from a distance.
Stein- Eliezer’s relative from Antwerp, Belgium, whom he and his father encounter in Auschwitz. Trying to bolster his spirit, Eliezer lies to Stein and tells him that his family is still alive and healthy.
Hilda- Eliezer’s oldest sister,
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He and his family are later put on a train to an unknown destination along with other Jews from their town. Eliezer could not have imagined what he saw when the train stopped at Auschwitz, a concentration camp. When the passengers exit the train the men and women are separated and then the men are sorted into separated groups based on their health and skills. Eliezer is separated from his mother and sister immediately and never sees them again. Throughout the novel, Eliezer and his father stick together in order to

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