Irena Sendler: A Holocaust War Hero

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Talmud to save one life is to save the world Irena Sendler is a Holocaust hero saved Jews from the ghetto by saying prayers in christian or hiding them in her car. Gino Bartali was considered a war hero for saving lots of Jews in Italy going to Germany he was a Bicyclist during the war. These survivors are grateful for their life saved by heroes .

Irena Sendler was Considered a war hero for saving children or other Jewish faith from the ghetto and she will save the lives to risk hers to for Jewish people and she hide them in like body bags and boxes that the kids can fit in and she put the baby’s in here medical bag or here purse she saved a lot during the ghetto she was a doctor in poland and help the children or Jews that were sick from the ghetto and feed or gave water to the ones they saved from the ghetto and some of the children had to do a christian prayer to tell them there not Jewish and Christian and they were mistaken for the wrong Jewish family and she manage to escape all of the children but not all the Jews she was a war hero for saving lots of Jewish children from the dangers of the Nazi’s and the children were very happy to this day.

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