Investigating The Soundness Of A Firearm Before It Essay

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that have been tried have not been a success, this proposal could be accepted by both sides of the party if a practical control was used on the firearms. Some ideas that states have been picking up on are lab tests known as drop tests, firing tests, and melting point tests. These are tests that can be conducted in a lab to decide the soundness of a firearm before it is ever entered into the public’s view. Other ideas could be child locks and/or heavier trigger pulls. These added safety features would make it harder for a child to engage a firearm or accidentally cause it to fire. The child lock would cause the child to have to figure out how to release the lock and their hand wouldn’t be strong enough to pull the trigger back. Although these ideas are not “bulletproof”, they would at the very least allow more time for a parent to stop a child from engaging a firearm if the child comes into contact with one.
The Gun Control movements have proposed that universal background checks be completed before every sale whether the sale takes place privately, at gun shows, or in a store. This would allow the government to see the background of an individual and tell if they are a risk. Although some may think of this as discriminatory most are in favor of the act. In fact, in 2013, Pews Research Center published data showing that 74 percent of gun-owning National Rifle Association households are for implementing background checks into the process of buying a firearm. The laws of…

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