Intimate Relationship With My Parents Essay

1228 Words Apr 28th, 2016 null Page
In my 22 years of living I have been involved in my fair share of intimate relationships. Dr. Mendenhall has explained that an intimate relationship is sharing intimate experiences in several areas over time with increasing expectations (T. Mendenhall, Intimacy lecture, 1//20/16). When I looked at it that way I came to the conclusion that I can be in an intimate relationship with my parents, siblings, friends, and some of my cousins whom I am close to. The first of many of the ideas that I have learned in this class is the type of attachment that I have. Dr. Mendenhall explained that there were different types of attachment styles and after taking the attachment style test online I found out that my style was dismissive. Some of the attributes that go along with having a dismissive attachment style is that I can be comfortable not being in an intimate relationship with anyone, I deal with rejection by distancing myself from others, and that I hide my feelings (T. Mendenhall, Attachment lecture, 2/2/2016). These results did not shock me at all. It has shown in all of my relationships that I have low anxiety. I never worry if the person is going to leave me if I ever get too close because I usually don’t. My thought was that if they don’t find me valuable to them then they are not worthy of being in any type of relationship with me whether it be a romantic one or not. I never needed anyone to share my feelings with anyone because I do that with anybody. I replace having…

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