Interviewing The Best Predictor Of Future Behavior Is Recent Past Behavior

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There are several different kinds of interviews as well as interview techniques and methods. All companies are different, so an applicant needs to be prepared. For all interviews applicants need to research the companies they 're interviewing for and have an idea of their key figures, strategy, and markets (Jacobs, 2014). Once an applicant is selected for an interview they may experience one or more of these interview situations behavioral, phone, or Skype. Knowing how to be prepared for these different types of interviews can allow an applicant to be more comfortable during the interview process.

BEHAVIORAL: Behavioral interviews cuts through the staleness of traditional interviews and makes applicants give examples of when they demonstrated the skills needed for the job. The best predictor of future behavior is recent past behavior (Keever-Watts, year). Applicants will be faced with questions that focus on a substantial variety of skills and behavior. A recruiter can then ask questions they have about those skill sets by asking about different situation you have experienced where you 've demonstrated those skills. Some examples of these questions are What do you when priorities change,give one example of when this happened, give an example of a goal that you set in the past, tell your success and if you 've achieved it, and describe a time when you had to confront someone at work. After a question is asked the applicant needs to be prepared for follow up…

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