Essay on Interview With The Peer Reflection Project

818 Words Nov 30th, 2015 4 Pages
For the peer reflection project, I interviewed Alexis Dowdell about the time her family adopted her cousin, Rochell. I thought this process was very interesting. Interviewing someone I never spoke to before was new. Even though this was a different experience, I was not nervous or overthinking about the right approach. I felt the right approach to interview Alexis was to be myself. We were both going through the same process, so I knew how it felt being interviewed. I also felt this process was gainful. Since I want to be a psychologist of some sort, this process gave me the opportunity to experience being a psychologist with their client. Luckily, I enjoyed every minute of the interview. Initially, the interviewing process was awkward, but we laughed through it. On one hand, she was open to speak about her experience. On the other hand, I could see her getting nervous on hard subjects and stumble over her words. I kept giving her positive feedback, so she could feel more comfortable. After the interview was over, we sat at the table longer and got to know each other better. Writing the summary was challenging. I tried my best to recall everything in the interview. I wanted to make Alexis proud of my response. Although she stated that she shared this experience to the class, she gave me a more in-depth description of her experience. As I was writing, I realized how brave she was for expressing her faults and how she learned from them. I loved getting…

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