Interview With My Close Friends And Coworker Essay

809 Words Apr 12th, 2016 4 Pages
I was able to interview one of my close friends and coworker. Alex has been a good friend for a while now but we never really talked about sex or how it was learned. So, having this interview with her was really awesome. She was really open and we ended up just talking rather than that awkward feeling of an actual interview. Since Alex was little she had always been very curious about sex and the difference between girls and boys. So, at the age of four she started asking questions. Alex’s mom was the main person to have taught her about gender and sex and at four her mom answered Alex’s questions very honestly and very “straight-forward” in regards to body parts and what body parts make a woman verses a man. As Alex grew up her mom continued answering her questions and continued to be honest and straight forward. Her mom taught her that women are as equal as men and that if a man ever tells you, as a woman, cannot do something don’t believe them because you can do anything. As far as homosexuality, her mom always taught her that whoever Alex ended up with is okay as long as Alex is happy. There is nothing wrong with homosexuality and her mom always said “Whenever you get married I will be happy as long as you are happy.” Her mom also had taught her later on in her childhood about rape and had shared her story. She then taught Alex that sex should be out of love and to never do anything that you don’t want to do. She was very open to a point that Alex was comfortable with…

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