Interview with Health Care Leader Nur 492 Essay

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Interview with Health Care Leader

NUR 492
October 8, 2012

Interview with Health Care Leader
Leaders are someone that can be a positive influence in anyone’s life. Leaders are someone that people look up to and remember that person throughout his or her lives. The leader exerts influence by using a flexible repertoire of personal behaviors and strategies (Sullivan, Decker, 2009). The leader I chose to interview was the Infection Prevention Coordinator of the hospital. A leader needs to have personal skills, be knowledgeable, be able to adapt to his or her environment, and lead by example. The hospital Infection Prevention Coordinator in the hospital I work at has the qualities of a leader. The hospital Infection Prevention
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She believes in being a patient advocate and evidence- based practice. When she was nurse manager for the med surge unit, she encouraged her staff to bring suggestions or anything that was a concern to her attention. Leaders also listen, are trusted, test new models of care, support new leaders, use evidence to support practice, and advocate for patients, community, and workforce (2012).
A learning experience that most influenced her and developed her own leadership was her transition from being a charge nurse to becoming a nurse manager. She states that her nurse manager was going to retire, and that the director came to her an asked if she wants the nurse manager position. She knew she could do the job because of her background and her continuing education and she had a good relationship with the nurse manager who was going to retire. She states that was the best move she ever made. It developed her leadership and managerial skills, and taught her how to be a better nurse. I asked how it taught her to be a better nurse. She stated because it made her a better listener, and that could be more involved with her staff, by having monthly staff meetings where the staff brought valuable information for change to the unit. She incorporated their suggestions into to making the work environment and patient care better for everyone on the unit. A successful leader is a

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