Mechanical Engineering Interview Essay

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To gather information about mechanical engineering, I interviewed Graham Jessup, a graduate from the University of Washington and a mechanical engineer at Electroimpact Engineering; a company based in Mukilteo Washington. Electroimpact is a world leader in design and manufacturing of aerospace tooling and automation. During the interview that took place through several emails, I learned much about what mechanical engineers are required to know, and how they use that knowledge to fully accomplish day to day tasks and complete projects. As a graduate of the University of Washington, Graham Jessup felt very prepared for the daily tasks of a mechanical engineer. Engineers at Electroimpact are assigned a project and an expected date for when that …show more content…
While emailing Graham Jessup, I learned many problems mechanical engineers face on a day to day basis. Jessup brought up just how stressful a project can become if parts are not assembled correctly or measurements are not taken precisely. Mechanical engineers rely on many other workers and the use of technology to effectively manufacture a correctly designed and functioning product. Effective communication is a critical aspect of the building process; if another worker uses a different measurement or a machine breaks and doesn’t work correctly, it can not only slow down the production of a product, but it can affect the image of the engineering company; losing the company potentially millions of dollars. The main adjective of a mechanical engineer is to complete a product while using the least amount of the company’s money as possible. It is key for mechanical engineers to be meticulous with details and efficient with time and communication with machines and other workers at the company. Many engineers have to learn and develop skills to help deal with the stressful workload that is put upon them. Graham Jessup also brought up a problem that engineers around the United States are facing; Engineering industries are always trying to produce

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