Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Power Plant Decision Making

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I plan on working on a nuclear power plant in the future, and a good grasp of the psychology of decision making will be very beneficial. The nuclear energy field is very controversial field to work in especially since many people only look at the cons, such as the dangers of nuclear energy, instead of the pros, such as an alternate source of energy to fossil fuels. As an engineer in a nuclear power plant, a person needs to make multiple decisions such as the number of reactants for a product or what to do if something unexpected happens. These decisions need to be well thought out and rational because if there is a mistake then there are consequences such as wasting of resources or causing a system malfunction. A good grasp of the psychology …show more content…
An engineer can be more aware of how their “will power is bounded,” which means they are more concerned with the present than future consequences (Bazerman, 2016). Engineers need to be aware that they are focusing on all aspects of a project because they need to ensure that they are following all the safety precautions. They cannot just focus on the cheapest way to make a product, but instead they need to make sure that it will last and that it will not harm anyone. They need to make sure that the processing of the product is safe and that the waste is removed safely especially if it is radioactive. They should also know their “self-interest is bounded” as well, meaning that they care more about their benefits even if it may harm others (Bazerman, 2016). Engineers, especially those working in nuclear energy, should not have this mindset because they are working with such unpredictable material. They need to be aware that this is a dangerous job, and they need to take it seriously. They cannot just be in it for the paycheck; they must be aware that their careless mistake could harm their fellow coworkers as well as those people in the surrounding neighborhood. Many engineers need to be aware of why they are making the decisions that they make because it not only affects them, but the people that work alongside with them especially in a nuclear power plant since the material can be

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