The Moral Of Plato's Allegory Of The Cave

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Over the semester we studied different points of philosophic views. We analyzed Greeks, Germans, English, and French. I can personally state that all of philosophers that we studied have different definitions about how to be a better person. Even though their views are different, we can understand that the most important piece that unites them all is one single fact, humans. Throughout their teachings we got to explore how we should behave among society, how we should help others grow as we grow, to care about others feelings, and to never be selfish as we accomplish our goals. During the class the moment that I will carry with myself throughout my career is the moral of Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave”. The idea that we have to keep an open …show more content…
We tend to forget about how important these values are, and about how they have shaped the world we live on. In this class, I learned how we might have different point of views but at the end we all want to the best for the world. I had to questioned myself several times as I read the stories, because, most things I thought were correct actually weren’t. For example, I unfortunately grew up not sincerely caring about what others think or feel; and now I understand that it is important to pay attention to other’s feelings. I have gone through a series of life events that have made me care less about others, because I feel that it keeps leaving me isolated each time. However, after taking Introduction to Ethics I have realized that we all go through this process as it is bound in our lives that will lose others who are close to us. I have understood that in life we may not get what we want without trying, but we must certainly not give up in our dreams as they give us a reason to keep waking up …show more content…
In the School of Engineering we are taught that an engineer is a person who finds problems in existing objects that to the normal eye may seem just fine. That idea is what keeps the world changing everyday in technology. The way the course has helped is to read in details and understand Physic Laws in a more complex perspective. We normally question how can we improve things and how are things affected by its surrounding. Without the proper way of analyzing macro or micro subjects we won’t understand how to increase their performance. In the history of technological events, the humankind has invented weapons and medical devices to prolong our lives. Within our technological advances humankind have made mistakes that are completely against the ethics studied in here. World War two is a prime example of this; a man once wanted to stand above others employing several engineers and scientist to engineer devices that were going to aid his ruling. However, this great nation where we live also used great brains and strength to place our engineers in a race to save humans from tyranny. I can recall some point of views from Rousseau, stating that he is against some types of governments because they become corrupt. However, as engineers we have to understand that our inventions could potentially hurt others if they are used with the wrong intensions. That’s why this course is important for us to

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