Interview Notes On Leadership Interview Essay

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Leadership Interview Notes:
About the interviewee: Mrs. Roopina Maan is my interviewee. The reason behind taking her interview as leader was that I know her personally as well as professionally. She acts very professionally and I had a pleasure of interviewing Mrs. Maan. She currently operates three locations of Husky Gas stations in west Kootenays. She is in business platform from last 22 years. She very frankly told me, you know I am still learning. These words surprised me and make me curious to know about her journey like a leader and a learner.
When I start interviewing her, I ask her about the availability and timings .We had a good time despite of her busy schedule she try to answer my all questions. Prior starting my interview I ask for her permission too. I start with an Open ended question, “you know Mrs. Maan, I am not going to ask you list of questions at very first which I handover you. I want to know more about you as personally and here we go. She told me about her personal life, her stories as a business starter, as a leader, as a team worker and experience from 22 years. She further told me her leadership story and how she stepped up as a Business leader. As she start giving me statements on how she begin her journey and what styles of leadership she is using. I start taking my notes side by side. It was a good opportunity for me to obtain information about her of being having a potential of a leader or not. It is difficult to mention the timings as I had…

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