Interview Is Anita Nelson At Mercy Medical Center Essay

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The person I have chosen to interview is Anita Nelson at Mercy Medical Center located in Baltimore, Maryland. Here she is the Mother/Baby delivery Social Worker inside the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Mercy Hospital mission is to provide excellent clinical and residential services within a community of compassionate care. Their values include prayer, dignity, hospitality, justice, excellence and stewardship. Since 1874, the healthcare ministry of the Sisters of Mercy has touched millions of Baltimore families.
1. How long has the interviewee been employed by the agency? 11 years working at Mercy Hospital
2. What is their job description? A Mother/Baby delivery Social Worker work with doctors, nurses, and staff to make sure the patient’s needs are addressed so the Social Worker can make sure the child’s ongoing needs are addressed. As well as help with patients with physical, emotional, and financial stress. Complete psychosocial counseling to do a safe discharge and meet with family when risk factors such as under 17 years old, homeless, lack of resources, substance abuse, high-risk pregnancy or lost a newborn in past due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
3. What are the roles associated with their job?
Meeting and providing support during the little bit of time they do have to talk and letting them know the resources they need to adequately discharge with the infant. Provide patient education, counseling, and making referrals when needed to Social Services. Plan a…

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