Interview : Interview And Interview Essay

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Interview Analysis The mock interview assignment really helped me identify different strengths and weaknesses in interviewing. This document will be a discussion of my mock interview. I will discuss my strengths during the interview as well as my faults and what I will do in the future to adjust those. I will apply what I learned in this experience to interviews in the future.
Perhaps one of the easiest weaknesses to identify in my interview was in my appearance, specifically my hat I forgot to remove my flat cap during the interview. Although it is more formal than a ports hat or beanie it is very important to keep eye contact with the interviewer. Consequently, as soon as I entered the office the interview started and I felt I did well with the introduction portion of the interview asking everyone in the office how their days were going and telling them to have a good day as I left. I prepared extensively for this interview, but as soon as soon as the questions came I encountered a few different mistakes the biggest one was being noticeably nervous when answering some questions and I began shaking my leg. The easiest way I can think to fix that is possibly listening to music before the interview to get me in the right state of mind. I needed to also go in to a little more detail when addressing some of the questions and a little less for others. For example when asked what my long terms are, I got a little too specific when naming my dream job. The interviewer…

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