Interview About A Interview Speech Essay

747 Words Nov 3rd, 2014 3 Pages
The interview speech experience definitely taught me a lot more than I had expected. The interview portion of this project was just as much of a learning experience as the speech. I gained I better understanding of the verbal and non-verbal skills I mastered, changes I would make, and the experiences of other people. Verbal skills are something that I feel I have not completely mastered yet. However, there are some I noticed a great improvement in since the first speech. One is talking at an even pace. I remember thinking in my first speech that I was talking much slower than usual. Now, I feel much more comfortable talking as I normally would in an informal situation. Also, I noticed that I have voice changes without having to think about it in advance. At the ends of my sentences, I start to lower my voice, rather than raise it because that was something I needed to work on. As for non-verbal skills, I believe I have mastered eye contact. Additionally, compared to my first speech, I do not look down at my notecards as often. Furthermore, I have mastered talking with my hands for a speech. While planning my first speech, I was concerned about whether I was using gestures at the right times, but when I gave the speech it just happened naturally. This past speech taught me how to find a good balance of using gestures and not using gestures. This assignment was one that I know I could have practiced a lot more for, even though we had a smaller time frame to…

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