Medical Case Study: Mr. Charlie's Interventions

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Intervention Process:
The interventions I wanted to concentrate on with Mr. Charlie would be implementing goals, working with him on the avoided situations, and working with him on his negative thoughts. The first intervention of identifying goals with Mr. Charlie, him and I were able to collaboratively identify these goals. By identifying these goals with Mr. Charles, I then was able to help him prioritize the goals. This, “process involves determining the most central issues that cause concern and arranging them from most important to least important” (Cully & Teten 2008 p. 32). The least prioritized goal with Mr. Charles was being afraid of being watched. Then the second prioritized goal was limited assistance to what he’s allowed, and then
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The reason why I wanted to use narrative therapy with Nancy is because I wanted her to get away from the problem of her daughter and have her move in a different direction away from the interlined understanding of her problem. Her daughter was the problem and I wanted to make sure her and I separate the problem from her own life-style. In the sessions with my client Nancy, I concentrated on making sure the, “the problem becomes objective-placed outside the person-rather than internalized” (Cooper & Lesser 2011 p. For parts of Nancy’s problems she would sometimes keep the problem inside of her instead of putting the problem of her daughter outside of her. Her daughter was getting upset and angry with her mom because she had custody of her grandchild. The daughter was getting aggravated and pushy with her mother. I as the therapist at this point I wanted to have Nancy to separate the problem so she could look into more of an positive experience and develop more of an …show more content…
The transference she showed was not really there but she did get emotional for us talking about her problem and trying to understand what it is that is going on. In terms of countertransference, I was empathetic and was thinking of how in the next session can I go about the different story lines within her problem. My other countertransference was wondering why her daughter was acting this way. I felt in my mind that, if she was acting and taking control of this battle then she maybe should be having her daughter

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