Charlie Harmon Case Study

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Charles "Charlie" Harmon was an assistant district attorney who later started fixing his cases with a defense attorney named Arvin Baker.

Harmon graduated from law school alongside Jamie Ross and they became friends throughout their careers. While Jamie became a defense attorney, Charlie became a prosecutor. At some point in his life, he married a woman named Lisa and they had two children. He worked in Brooklyn until he transferred to the Special Narcotics Bureau of the Manhattan DA's office. One day, he decided to take bribes from a defense attorney named Arvin Baker to drop cases on purpose and had his wife unintentionally help him with the profits.

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While he was prosecuting a case against Elias Camacho for drug possession, he is approached by Jamie, who now worked for the DA's office. She asks to take Elias off his hands when he is suspected of shooting Nancy O'Neal. He agrees, since the drug case was bound to lose. However, he says that he wants to participate in a murder trial next time and Jamie agrees. (L&O: "Harvest")

When a bail bondsman named Manny Ehrlich caught onto the jury-rigging scheme, he tries to extort Charlie and Arvin for a piece of the action. During a meeting between the two of them and Manny, Charlie shoots him in the head and stole all of the money in his desk. He later runs into Jamie in the
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Charlie threatens to question every conviction he got if they do not accept a plea of manslaughter in the first degree. When Jamie uncovers Lisa's involvement in the scheme, he accepts a plea of one count of murder in the second degree and nine counts of bribery while his previous convictions not connected to the fraud are excluded. He defends his actions as taking money from drug dealers to support his family. When Jamie counters with the fact he could have come to her, he is

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