Interpersonal Communication Assignment : Communication Essay

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Interpersonal Communication Assignment 1: Essay
A+ = Situations are perceptively explained. Appropriate theories are defined well and applied accurately to the situations discussed. Analysis shows abstract thinking and insight. Clear evidence and specific examples given that show that the student has drawn original conclusions from their reflections. Self-evaluation shows that the student has extracted and internalised the personal significance of their reflections. Includes a wide range of reading. In-text citations and references are complete and in the required format. Well structured, concisely, clearly and accurately written.

Part A: Earlier this month I was attending a job interview at a ‘high-brow’ women’s retail store. When giving my CV to the manager (also the woman who interviewed me), she was dismissive and irritable. Additionally, due to the branding of the store and previous experiences of being interviewed at similar establishments, I went into the interview with the pre-conception that the interviewer would be judgemental and extremely discerning with who she chose to hire. Because of this, I became very nervous to meet her and was anxious as to how she would view me. This lead to me putting up a defensive front, and not presenting myself how I usually would around both my family and friends.
When the interviewer and I met, I quietly shook her hand and took a seat in front of her. When she asked me various questions, I would often struggle to come…

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