Interpersonal Communication Case Study

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Conversation is typically an impulsive form of communication between two or more people, which occur in spoken communication. World Café community describes conversation as a crucial tool, which defends as well as reinforces most people’s beliefs and values. For instance, governmental and non-governmental organizations express their opinions through public engagement more especially public meetings by means of conversation. Essentially, conversation plays a fundamental role during arguments at the expense of others. Therefore, conversation encourages global popularity to the participants in view of the fact that it is an accepted method to public address majorly social as well as political issues.
Large-scale conversation especially at work places draws the rich diversity of public opinion while solving the rising issues.
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Essentially, sharing of knowledge as well as stimulating innovative thinking in world café helps to understand real-life situations better. Decision making of certain organization can be conducted in the world café whereby members of the organization are required to raise their opinions in order the organization to achieve it is desired goals as well as objectives. Making decisions in an organization happens at all levels depending on the situation at hand. The technique involved should be highly structured which restricts interpersonal communication during the decision-making process. The technique is useful because it ensures every group member has an equal chance in the process of decision-making.
Every member of the organization has to contribute towards the process of identifying problems facing the organization. The leader of the organization should evaluate the issues by creating a discussion group in order the members of the organization can suggest where possible the solutions hence addressing the issues in a friendly

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