American Pluralism: Nurturing Interfaith Dialogue

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In the article, “Walking the talk: Reflections from a Community-Focused Dialogue Series” the plan is to implement a Days of Dialogue which is an intergroup dialogue series that facilitates specific conflicts. The dialogue encourages guidelines and community involvement.
• Discusses the importance of intergroup dialogue and focuses on changing communities by creating environments where they can engage in dialogues about community issues.

• Intergroup dialogue allows for social interaction with peers and facilitators. It is a tool to help people feel at ease with discussing social issues in a group setting which can be a way of community empowerment. Implementing dialogue can be challenging but if certain strategies are used this can establish
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The video focuses on a new social dialogue between religions described as “interfaith”. There are many diverse religions and cultural traditions that has helped keep American’s separate for many years in the United States. The main topic of the video is the study of “American Pluralism Project” which became an organized group at Harvard University, created by Professor Diana L. Eck. She created a team that would map the religious landscape and use interfaith dialogue to study the changes that have occurred over the past century. The use of dialogue and historical interaction with others and the impact it has made to our society. The video expresses the guiding principle in encouraging interfaith dialogue is to not change one another but create dialogue between religions. One objective of American Pluralism is to discover the differences in religions and understand how they correlate and share the same goal. The video recommends that all religions use interfaith dialogue to move towards earthly peace and that we should adapt to other religions. The communication strategy is to engage in dialogue with different interfaith churches and joining together as one system. One of the purposes of the campaign by Professor Eck is to combine dialogue with social …show more content…
The setting for opening a dialogue between religions may initially be challenging and complex. It would be proper for the leaders to come together and unite to be an example to the congregation. In creating a healthy dialogue, leaders should promote understanding to increase acceptance of others that may not share the same religion. Interfaith alliances are connecting all over the world now and destroying the barriers that have been created to separate the people. Interfaith dialogue are similar to intergroup dialogue because the joining together of religions can use an intergroup dialogue to express views as a collective group. In response to a pluralistic society, interfaith dialogue it can help create constructive and positive interaction between religions. America has become multi-religious and it is the responsibility of the clergy to teach people to open their minds and challenge themselves to gain a deeper knowledge and understandings of other religions. The video mentioned creating an environment that is not polarized and is welcoming to a multi-religious democracy in our world. Clergy leaders can use their platform to educate and teach others the importance of helping to create unity between religions. There are interfaith ministries across the world that have become an active voice in the communities they reside. This was an interesting

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