Internship Plan For Internship At Internship Essay

1137 Words Jan 28th, 2016 null Page
Internship last semester was not at all what I envisioned. While at internship I really didn’t do much. All I was really able to do was sit and observe. Emilie my supervisor was every stern when it came to observation. She would only let me interact with individuals when I had an assignment to do. She would interrupt sometimes and do everything herself. She is very good at her job and is a good person in general. She just isn’t so good at being a supervisor. She is just very controlling and likes to do everything herself. There were days I would sit there and do nothing. To change things up last semester I asked Emilie to set up days where I can visit other PsyR sites. I visited Partial care, JIS, RIST, and PACT. I had a great time at each of these sites. I was able to do what team member I was with do. When I was at Partial Care (my favorite) I ran two groups. At PACT I got to translate for one of the members and interact with several individuals. It was great. I felt like I did something like a part of the team. I felt useful and wanted to go back. At MESH with Emilie I don’t really do anything. I figure because MESH only has 5 individuals there, there isn’t much to do. To try and switch things up again I also started going out with other team members and it was great. Once again I actually did something and felt like part of the team. Even with the challenges of last semester I learned a lot. My views of individuals living with mental illness has completely…

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