Essay on Internship At The Finance Department Of The City Of Tacoma

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I am interning at the Finance Department of the City of Tacoma. I obtained this position through the school’s Institution-to-Institution Pair Internship program. The finance internship opportunity is a joint effort between the City of Tacoma and the University of WA, Tacoma. The purpose of this finance internship is for students to gain an understanding of how organizations analyze needs for finance functions and how programs and processes are implemented. My internship is a part-time, weekly commitment that lasts from November to June. I received an email address and personal company laptop that I take with me as I travel from division to division throughout the school year. During my internship with the City, I have encountered 3 of 6 divisions in the Finance Department: the Accounting Services, Treasury, and Tax & Licensing Divisions. I completed two one-day projects with the Accounting Services and Treasury Divisions and have been able to work with the Accounting Services and Tax & Licensing Divisions for an extended period of time of about several weeks. Since my internship lasts until June, I will summarize in this paper my time spent at the City so far.
Short Term Projects
My first one-day project was for the Accounting Services Division. I updated the City’s debt manual which was an ongoing project to document the City’s current obligations in bonds in a user-friendly format. For each debt recorded, I confirmed the purpose (such as funding for…

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