Internet Trolls By Lisa Selin Davis Analysis

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Society today has brought the internet to a disgusting way of communication with others. Some people don’t understand the effects of hateful things out there through the internet that can ruin people 's lives forever. In the article, “Internet Trolls” by Lisa Selin Davis explains that often be people on the internet are disinhibition effectors, emotion dislocators, and moral crusaders. A disinhibition effect is the person who knows that they are anonymous or know that they that they can say anything that they feel like and know they won’t be trace back to them. A emotion dislocation is explain in the article has how parents bring their three month year old in the mid night movie. You can’t judge until you know the story. People tend to forget that maybe parents have no other time to get out unless they bring the baby as he/she sleeps. A moral crusader is when only their opinion is the only right. Scrolling through the web shows definitions of disinhibition effectors, emotional …show more content…
On vine it’s popular seeing people making fun of gays or say “all gay people be like” and post a video of them acting like a gay person . Saying all gays act a certain way. The video is a high pitch voice man impersonate a gay person at the store or the bar saying “I’m not getting served or not getting help by customer service first because I’m gay.” Then shows a clip on the man saying a line “ I’m not getting helped because I’m gay eh ?” And than shows a clip of the gay man getting helped after what he said. This man is explaining to the internet that how all gay people act in a certain to get attention or be heard.To get treated in a better way because they are gay. This vine could affect people who are gay and aren’t because it isn’t true. Gays being married and even being open about being gay is a moral issue in today’s world that can also be a sensitive topic to many

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