Defensive Behavior Essay

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Defensive Behavior over different Opinions
With the holidays, right around the corner, good will toward all should be in everyone hearts, however, this year more so than not we seem to be lacking. Day after day defensive or viciously aggressive behavior is seen as acceptable when people have a difference of opinion from one another. Political Facebook is a perfect example. It actually became a “thing” this year! For the last eleven months, the fun and entertaining social media site commonly known as Facebook has been anything but and the newsfeeds have been nothing but political overload. The array of posts have been informative, humorous, direct, and complete idiotic satire, let’s just say that if the emotion exists there was some political
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2010) expresses that a rapid way to see defensive behavior is to “go onto any forum or chat room. The speed at which people take offence (as a way of defense) is as startling as it is depressing.” We as humans are so quick to judge before we actually think about things and let our emotions get the best of us. This is because when our emotions are elevated we tend to over stimulate by creating a fight or flight type atmosphere in our brains so to speak which causes us not think rationally. Whether it be fear, rage, or grief our emotions can get in the way. Hence the phrase “Don’t let your emotions get the best of …show more content…
It was in recent practices emotions and logical thinking started being looked at like two systems that interact with one another rather than work alongside each other. This newer form of research ended up revealing that not only do emotions affect how we think but, they also help determine how efficiently we solve each of these thought-out tasks. By researching these two systems as intermingling we have discovered that this research is imperative to subcategory’s in cognitive thinking like basic reasoning. Additionally, Dr.’s are showing promising results for new treatment for emotional disorders. (Jung, Wranke, Hamburger and Knauff, 2014)
If people continue down this scary road of ungratefulness and self- entitled attitudes then we run a very high risk of falling as a divided nation, while taking steps back in history undoing all the things that our ancestors worked, bled, and fought so hard to overcome. Things such as superior human syndrome. As shown in the Facebook comments provided we are already gravitating toward the overwhelming need to be right while feeling accomplished by pointing blame and failure at

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