Essay on Internet Technology, Marketing, and Security

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Assignment 4:
Internet Technology, Marketing, and Security
Strayer University
Contemporary Business
Professor Elizabeth DELONE

1. Evaluate the reasons Social Media Marketing has become exceedingly popular among businesses of all sizes. New communication technologies provide people an environment in where participation and discussion is the basis and where people can share their thoughts, ideas and creations. This virtual environment‐ that is called as social media ‐ is a user based environment and seems to be important in terms of bringing crowds and people together and increasing the interaction among them (Vural &Bat, 2010). This interaction creates a good and profitable opportunity for
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Social media can be exceedingly beneficial for business to get the work out to its target market. These social media marketing campaigns actually enable companies to interact more with not only your existing but potential clients/customers as well. Most studies in the field indicate that people spend more and more time in this environment, try to meet their real life necessities in this virtual reality, and they prefer to live in this virtual reality by rebuilding a new world for themselves. With over 1 billion people using social media, it is rapidly becoming a platform for businesses to generate leads, new connections, and direct sales (Social Media Marketing for Businesses, 2010). This new platform has begun to replace the traditional marketing and advertising technologies, techniques, and strategies in some fields. On the other hand, this type of marketing is using social media channels to promote company and its products. It is complementing traditional web-based promotional technologies like email newsletter and online advertising campaigns. Therefore, it is apparent that it is more preferable than the traditional ones and is becoming more popular day by day.
2. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Social Media Marketing for business entrepreneurs. As long as Social Media Marketing is becoming exceedingly popular day by day, it has brought up advantages and

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