International Marketing Is Turning Into A Leading Trend Essay

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International marketing is turning into a leading trend in business environment. For further outcome, various studies concerning the consumer demand and purchase behavior for different products beyond national boundaries have been and are still being initiated. Internationalization can also be further stated as the procedure when an organization begins to exercise in different countries. Doole and Lowe (2008) defined international marketing as the practice of management responsibility to identify, anticipate and satisfy customer requirements across global boundaries. Therefore, whether to execute the strategy of standardization or adaptation in the elements of their marketing mix, which are 7P’s (product, price, place, promotion, people, physical evidence, process management, etc), is the challenge many companies consequently face when they wish to enter the international market.
However, the theories of product standardization and adaptation are not new in regard to internationalization strategies, as empirical studies were done since the 1970’s (Leonidou, 1996). Also, Doole and Lowe (2008) stated that product standardization strategy involves uniforming all elements of the product, essentially the quality, name, used materials and packaging, disregarding the country and market. On the other hand, product adaptation occurs when modifications are made to adjust specifically to the market.

In the previous years, there have been continuous growth in companies and…

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