International Hrm Analyses for Haelec Products Ltd Essay

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International HRM analyses for Haelec Products Ltd | February 25
| An analyses which will allow Haelec Management Team to implement an expansion programme in terms of establishing HR Policies abroad. | Jason Clark |

1.0 Introduction
Since 1990, Haelec Products Ltd has grown from strength to strength in the production and manufacturing of various products including its latest creation of the Wireless Atomic Weather Station (WAWS). The demand for this product from Institutions and Governments had lead the need for the company to look into manufacturing the product overseas to be able to keep up with demand.
This increased demand has main came from countries in and around the Indian Ocean and South China Sea, so it would
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3.0 Best Fit And Best Practice Approach

The terms ‘best fit’ and ‘best practice’ are used in strategic human resource management literature. The best fit approach refers to the firm using human resources management (HRM) to their particular strategies and adapting to the firm’s condition and the environment referring to workforce character and business strategy.
With the use of the Best Fit Approach the SHRM can become more flexible to the response change of the organizational life cycle: start-up, growth, maturity and renewal/decline. Armstrong (2009) goes on describe “The best fit approach is in line with contingency theory. It emphasizes that HR Strategies should be congruent with the context and circumstances or the organisation.”

On the other hand the Best Practice approach speculate that there is an exact set of HR practices that are applied in almost any organization context which helps in the increase in performance to deliver outcomes which may be valuable for all stakeholders particularly employees. It is based on the idea that there is a set of best HRM practices and its application will help to superior organization performance. This practice could be source from other competitor’s successful strategy.

For example, emphasizing the enhancement of employees’ abilities or knowledge and skills through good recruitment and strong training. Another can be through incentives and a reward

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