Essay on International And Global Business Environments

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With 20 years of Data Centre Operations Management in a variety of national and global business environments, I have successfully managed a number of critical facility 24/7/365 operations. I focus on maintaining highly available and reliable environments through standardize procedures incorporating industry best practices combined with continuous training programs and knowledge evaluation.. Areas of experience cover all aspects of the data centre operation including budget development, facility infrastructure management, operational safety programs, training program development and implementation, combined with good knowledge IT infrastructure.
I have extensive experience and have achieved an excellent track record managing numerous complex projects within budget and on time, with emphasis on quality and timeliness of completed tasks.
I actively participate in the industry as I have been a Uptime member for six years,and a speaker at DataCenterDyamaics conferences. Speaking engagements included topics such as Data Centre Virtualization; Energy Efficiency; DCIM Implementing; Predictive Performance Analysis. I have also been a leader in implementing new technologies and systems into the data centre environment to manage cost and improve performance.
I am highly motivated, innovative, with excellent communication, leadership and mentoring abilities and feel my experience and enthusiasm would be an asset in a challenging management role in a dynamic company.…

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