Internal And External Customers : The Hospital Merger Of A Small, Local, Community Hospital

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The resulting complication regarding a recent merger of a small, local, community hospital, with a large health care entity consisting of seven hospitals and four long term care facilities, could possibly be an alteration of the hospital’s mission statement. Although the hospital merger could allow for improved diagnostic technology; a faster response time of ER staff; quicker turnaround time regarding lab results; more efficient use of staff, quicker discharges; in addition to cost control – the impressions of the internal and external customers are the driving force behind overall satisfaction.
Simply put, even if the patients and staff only perceive negativity due to a name (or organization) change, or even word of mouth of a bad experience, satisfaction will decline – along with sales and profit. This concept is supported by Alrubaiee and Alkaa 'ida (2011), in a report published in the International Journal of Marketing Studies, who discuss their findings from a recent study they performed in regard to patient satisfaction, and how it relates to perceived quality of care (Pg. 103). The authors state that patient satisfaction survey studies have gained importance as an essential tool in monitoring processes of quality improvement (Alrubaiee & Alkaa 'ida , 2011). They also cite the findings of an earlier study by Donabedian, A. (1988) which indicated that patient satisfaction is a key outcome of care (Alrubaiee & Alkaa 'ida , 2011, p. 103). This hospital would be best…

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