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J.C. Penney is a retail outlet that operates in many locations globally. It deals with product lines such as clothing, footwear, beauty products, electronics, and jewelry. There are several changes that have taken place in the macro environment that promises to increase the fortunes of the company. The advertisement in technology is one single important factor that has increased the performance of the business (Ali, 2007). The company has an elaborate website through which it uses to tap the online market. In fact, thirty percent of the company’s revenue comes from the website.
The overall threat of new entrants in the retail market is a high level threat as it is relatively easy and inexpensive to enter
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Furthermore, as part of their excellent customer service, they will not only drop the shipment off at the door, they will come in set it up, and inspect the product to make sure that the item is perfect for the customer. For their marketing to set them apart, they found a way to decrease mailing out the weekly ads with coupon incentives, and also lower their prices to attract more customers to their store to make them look more appealing towards the middle-class families.
For J.C. Penney’s support activities as part of their value chain analysis to set them apart from their competitors, they put a lot of time into their technology development, procurement, administration, and human resource management. With their technology development, they had to put a lot of time into researching and developing stores in convenient locations with good discounts, and up to date products or services. They have a little over a few thousand employees that are specially trained to work in the optical, salon, retail and sales, electronics, and jewelry areas. The created an easy and very lenient return policy for customers to have time to decide satisfaction of their products. As Kohl’s and Macy’s being J.C. Penney’s largest competitors, they all stay very competitive with each other. J.C. Penney’s strength against the others is having the lowest prices of all in retail, but their weakness is

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