Essay about Interactions Of Health Determinants On Wellbeing

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Interactions of health determinants on wellbeing, with a specific focus on the Healthy Christchurch initiative.

The wellbeing of an individual, community, or population can best be defined by the state of its welfare, health, prosperity, security and success. There are many determinants that interplay to effect the wellbeing of people and their communities, and the majority of these are determined simply by the placing of a person or group of people on the social gradient (social ladder). Where inequality and injustices occur against different groups in particular certain ethnicities, those with disabilities specifically with the stigma attached to mental health, and those born and raised in areas of socio-economic disparities, the effect of determinants on the achievement of a status of wellbeing is particularly marked. The multiple determinants of wellbeing can be divided into two categories, those of Independent Determinants and those of Social Determinants. Independent determinants include such factors as where an individual sits on the social gradient, (this is the single biggest factor that contributes in particular to a persons psychological wellbeing), their education, the type of housing they live in, their access to health care, genetics, wellness, employment, gender, income and the type of occupation that the individual is in (Keleher & Macdougall, 2011). The World Health Organisation describes social determinants of wellbeing as the determinants that affect…

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