Intelligence Of Intelligence And Intelligence Essay

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defining what to test for and what is considered intelligence makes the topic of intelligence a hard a intricate subject. There are two different theories in the progress towards measuring intelligence Generalized intelligence is a narrower definition of intelligence focusing on analytical intelligence. The other theory is multiple intelligence which says that there are multiple types of intelligence separate from one another. Intelligence is a very important part of life and has aid or ancestors in our survival and continues to be a big part of life but now is used in a different way. Shifting the stress of intelligence towards schooling and succeeding in jobs. I think the stress of importance on certain types of intelligence is a shifting one, depending on the situation that is being being encountered. People have certain strengths in some areas of intelligence and weakness in some, these can also be mental disabilities that make each person different. Testing that are for the purpose of measuring person 's intelligence and predicting success or failure have some good benefits but have a higher chance of doing more damage on over all on the school systems.

There are two theories being debated on the subject of intelligence, Generalized and multiple intelligence. Generalized intelligence is a type of intelligence that measures a person’s overall mental abilities. Also called G-factor, generalized intelligence focuses on assessing peoples linguistic, logical/mathematical…

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