Fate In The Hands Of A Scantron Analysis

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Fate in the Hands of a Scantron

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of a standardized test is; a test (as of intelligence, achievement, or personality) whose reliability has been established by obtaining an average score of a significantly large number of individuals for use as a standard of comparison. Right in the definition it says that they are used to compare large numbers of students. These tests discourage teachers from being creative, they know that students have to pass these tests so that is all that they are teaching. These tests are quickly taking over educational systems at school. When did we start taking tests in order to be compared to everyone else, instead of taking tests to learn? I remember all throughout high school being taught how to take standard tests: Read the question, review the options, narrow your results to two options, and go with your instinct. So what did I learn? When taking tests like the SAT or the ACT that determine which colleges, if any I will be
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These tests are big and they are not easy. More importantly though the score you get on them defines who you are, you are nothing but a number to these schools, and the higher the number the better. This is tremendously scary. This one test tells you based on how well you do on it that you are not good enough and that is enough to ruin people. Sure it is convenient to have one test in order to sort human beings into categories of intelligence so that you can judge who would benefit the college's test scores. But isn’t that unreliable using one standard test to determine thousands of unique lives.
Standardized testing encourages studying for testing not studying for comprehension. Also in basing so much on one thing the probability for error increases. Humans are all different in every way one test should not be determined the future of a

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