Integration Of Technology And Strategy Essay

1587 Words Aug 21st, 2015 null Page
Integration of technology and strategy has become increasingly important for successful business operations over the last decade. More competitors in a given market reduces the ability for consumers to differentiate one product over a substitute product and sales are diluted for all market players. Successful startups able to develop a differentiated product and achieve success in their infancy, often struggle to sustain their product quality as they compete on a larger scale. However, if implemented strategically, information technology (IT) can be a saving grace. Technology can relieve the stress of the fierce competition through the creation of an imitation-resistant value chain which competitors will be unable to copy. At the same time, technology can absorb the shock of rapid growth by extrapolating elements successful on a small scale and maintaining consistently of those quality factors on a larger scale. The problem with utilizing IT as a survival tool is that the technology is only as good as the data that it can contain. Therefore, for a business to achieve success through technology, a system needs to be established early on and mature with the business – it needs to be inherent in the business-growth strategy. Remember, Information Technology should not be an afterthought as it relates to business strategy. In 1977, when Mrs. Fields, Inc. was established, technology and strategy were typically separate aspects of a business. Technology was…

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