Essay on Intaraction of ENTJ (MBTI)

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.At each major SDLC stage, there are strengths and insights each Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) can bring to the process. You are one of those types. Image yourself in a typical role at each SDLC stage. Image you have a team member of your complimentary type.
How could each type approach the task and be successful using their natural strengths? There are different paths for different types but the same goals. What aspects of the task might a type be most successful at? What things might it miss?
Stakeholders and team members you will interact with may have the same or different types. Interacting with those of the same type is easy at first until you realize what you all might have missed. Conversely, when people with different
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For maintenance good memory and being accurate with details, using experience are very important.
Provide training can give abstraction picture(useful for short training).
Working together they will provide all necessary information and even more, are able to solve all issues during maintenance.

Type Interaction
Concept - Charter
Good at making logical. Weigh the pros and cons when analyze or create concept. Are more likely to critique first and compliment later

Sort through personal values when analyze or create concept.
Are more likely to compliment first and critique later.

Working together can find the best solution because the various aspects are analyze.
Analysis & Design
The design consist of logical information and necessary information.
They can use analytical approach to new ideas and situations.

Working together they provide logical design with creative ideas.
The development will be processed according to the design.
The new functionality can be even better (more user friendly) than on the design as they take individual needs into account.
They can create user friendly functionality according to the design and some useful feature can be added.
Providing training they try to provide logical information.
Providing training they try to explain as clear as possible taking to the account individual needs.
For feeling person it

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