Essay on Insulin Pumps And Many Daily Shots

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Insulin Pumps or Many Daily Shots Diabetes has been called an epidemic, and it affects everyone whether it be them personally or someone they know. In 2014, the number of diabetics in America were over twenty-nine million and growing with eighty six million people being pre diabetic (“Diabetes Latest”). What diabetes is or means depends on the type. Type 1 diabetes is when the pancreas in the body can no longer make insulin and there is no cure or way to prevent type 1 diabetes in a person. Living an unhealthy life can lead to type 2 diabetes which means a person 's body doesn 't produce insulin like it is supposed to, but may still make some. There is also gestational diabetes during a woman 's pregnancy where her body stops making insulin only for the time of her pregnancy and starts again when the baby is born. Because the body of any of these types isn 't getting the insulin it needs, a person with this disease needs to take insulin to counteract the carbohydrates they eat because their body needs that insulin to turn the carbohydrates into energy. Without this function, people would die.
There are a couple of ways to take insulin. The first way is by multiple daily injections with a needle and syringe or injections with insulin pens. The second way is with an insulin pump which also can be called a patch or a pod depending on the style. Although neither of these methods cure diabetes, insulin pumps are better and healthier for a person and life easier by…

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