Instructional Methods For Children With Grief And Loss Essay

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Instructional Method
We were asked to create a learning activity to educate adults about grief and loss. In the beginning my group and I were confused. We understood that we have to choose an activity from the text book and use them to educate parents or teachers about grief and loss.
Description of the learning activity
We chose the activity in the class and mad an appointment to meet so we can divide the work. However, when we met we were not sure. Therefore, my group and I went to the instructor office and she helped us and clarified the assignment. After that, my group and I decided to make our workshop about children with grief and loss. We chose this topic because we think that dealing with children during the grief and loss process is important topic. This activity also is going to benefit the audience. The place that we chose to do the workshop on is a public school. We also chose to do the workshop for parents because the majority of the class are parents. Since my group and I are in the same philosophy class, we had a regular meetings every Thursday before the class to discuss the activity. In addition, we used the email to communicate with one another. The activity that my group and I chose is word and image association. According to the author the educator use this exercise to make students make connection between words and images. In this activity Brookfield described three approaches of doing word and image exercise. Therefore my group and I divided the…

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